About Psychic-TV

Psychic Interactive was the first interactive TV station and launched in 2002 to a cult audience. Back then the shows audience was over 10,000 viewers a week, to date due to are genuine, trustworthy psychics and hard working crew and satisfied viewers, we now reach over 14.1 million homes on SKY with an increase of 15 million on Freeview. An amazing response.

More and more established psychics from all around the world are now joining are UK show, due to the shows success. The psychics are all put through a gruelling process of interviews and have to undertake numerous tests, it’s important to us to deliver a good service. Psychic TV offers interactive shows that you can be a part of.

Hosted by experienced TV presenters and goes out live and unrehearsed every day of the week. The callers are real. The situations are real. The combination of reality and interactive television makes for compulsive viewing. Whether you’re intrigued to know “What your future holds?” or perhaps a question closer to the heart “How does my partner feel about me?” The psychics are there to guide you and tell it like it is. The public await eagerly for the prophecies to be divulged.

We have many services to suit everyone’s needs to dipping you toe in the psychic pool by sending a text to screen during the show or leaving a voice message on are live comment line for a snippet of a reading. Phone readings are the most beneficial, as you can speak to a variety of psychics on screen or off screen and you are able to ask as many questions as you like. We are not here to keep you on the phones longer then necessary, you control how long or little you spend speaking with your psychic reader.

The shows are fast paced, addictive and educational and gives viewers easy access to predictions and readings from some of the most talented psychics and mediums around.
Psychic TV features many celebrity clairvoyants, mediums, and astrologers who’ve appeared a lot in the media such as Ann Scholes and Rosa Derriviere.