Adam Leonard

Adam Leonard (Saturn) has been using his incredible psychic/mediumship and Astrological skills for over 10 years. His stunning accuracy and detail will astound you and focuses on showing you how to learn life lessons and take control of your life. He specialises in relationships, career, past lives and life purpose.

Adam uses various cards but is mainly clairvoyant, clairsentient and a spiritualist. He appears regularly on the Psychic Interactive TV Show and also on the Webcam. Adam has many private clients and is always busy doing readings.

He also offers channelled healing and writes a monthly Astrological column for Spiritualist News International (SNi). Adam has trained with the known TV psychic T J Higgs who works with Tony Stockwell and Colin Fry.

Adams interest has always been and always will be Astrology.
He can also wield a sword and takes part in medieval re-enactments. Adam also does role-playing and directs and invents his own role-playing with a group of friends.