Angel Cards

What are Angel Card Readings?

An angel card reading is the communication between reader and the angels in the spirit world. Everyone has one or multiple guardian angels that look out for us from the divine. Using angel cards we can interpret their messages to help us understand problems in our lives and our life paths.

How do Angel Card Readings work?

Just like Psychic Readings, angel card readings can be accurately given over the phone or through the internet. An intuitive reader will use a deck of angel cards, shuffling them while channeling your question. A card will be selected and the message on the card will be given to you. Some angel card readers will pass on the message and let you interpret it and how it relates to your situation while others may offer insight into how they interpret the message. Some Angel readers will also give guidance and information direct from the Angels to you, in what is often called ‘channeled’ information.

Who would benefit from an Angel Card Reading?

Angel card readings are more spirituality based than other psychic readings on offer. Some people seeking readings will be looking for very specific answers while others will have a general question or will seek reassurance that their angel is watching out for them.