Raymond Castrogiovanni

Since 1976 Raymond has been practicing as a professional psychic, utilising his skills and disciplines with Astrology, Dream Analysis, Numerology, Palmistry, Past-Life therapy and the Cards. Raymond also employs additional talents, Aura, Crystals, Feng Shui, Guardian Angels and Healing to create a holistic approach when in a consultation.

Raymond can be seen each week on the Sky channel Psychic Interactive; he also appears as an expert on several terrestrial programs including Housebusters and Jane Goldman Investigates to name but two.

Every week Raymond is heard on BBC Radio Merseyside and Century 105.4 Radio, with his popular phone-in shows. Raymond has been published several times, one of his books is ‘Through the looking glass: Past Lives Revisited’.

Raymond still has his consulting room in Liverpool city centre, as well as making numerous personal appearances around the UK and over seas. He has clients from every walk of life, including many celebrities of screen, stage, and sport. Not to mention musicians and even the odd politician.

Raymond first became aware of the spiritual world following a near death experience when he was just eight years old. It was Good Friday in 1964, when he was run down by a hit and run at 3oclock in the afternoon, resulting in a fractured skull, every rib and pelvis broken as well as a broken leg, only regaining consciousness on the Easter Sunday. It was during those three days that Raymond experienced being out of body several times; he learned that in that time he had been considered clinically dead.

The events of that Easter holiday have lead him on a spiritual journey that he continues to this day.

Raymond believes that your fate and destiny is balanced by your own free will, therefore a consultation allows you to see how your future is likely to unfold. With this knowledge you can use it in conjunction with your own will to shape your destiny. This is the motive that drives him, to empower people with true insight and knowledge so their lives will be all the richer with joy and abundance. Remember ask the question of a psychic, they are honour bound to find an answer for you.

Raymond is a married man, with 4 children and 2 grand children, living in a small town in Lancashire. Life experience, as well as his psychic ability helps him to temper his wisdom with compassion during a spiritual consultation.