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Thanks Freddie..you were exacting in your reading getting the frame of the situation in an exacting way, checking in merely to check you were tuned in. Straightforward but thorough, no ego and I knew you were tuned in, as you used phrases I knew to be at the heart of the issue..so it gave me peace of mind.Doesn’t waffle………straight talking, precise, real and sensitive.
Susan, Nothants
since i had my first reading with Caroline Suzanne a few weeks ago i haven’t been able to stop contacting her,she is lovely and sooooo spot on with whats going on around my personal life,
highly recommended to all who are looking for a spot on reading and a reading with compassion.
lots of love to you Caroline Suzanne i will definately be back for another chat. xxx
sarah (40), swansea
Is a STAR so Very accruate
I rang through 2.10.12 hoping to be put through to someone else.. I was put through to Maisy. What can I say apart wow!!!!!.. in 5 mins she answered all the questions I had in my head regarding a relationship.
Unreal and yes without a doubt accurate I truly didnt have to say a word. I was meant to speak to Maisy, an angel and lovely.
Anna (35)
A lovely lady that has helped me so much, Big thank you Devi…x

Great reading!

Thank you so much Syrita for your amazing reading today, 2/10/12. So much information! Spot on with everything. I am dancing round the room now. So excited! Such a lovely lady to talk too. Thank you again Syrita xx

Highly recommend this lovely lady!




D (40)

Last evening I had a reading with Janette-Anne and felt compelled to write a testimonial. I found her so accurate and she tuned in straight away. She was able to give validations like no other has ever done and picked up on things that left me in no doubt of her accuracy. One of the validations was regarding a new colleague whom she described with pinpoint precision. I have no doubts in recommending her as she was spot-on and got straight to the point even before I was able to explain the purpose of my call. Astounding. Thank you so much. You are a tonic.
Jane (37), Durham
Just had my first ever reading with Michael Andrew and I have to say I am very, very impressed. Michael Andrew is a very kind, genre psychic who offered me a number of things to think about and consider. He is very good with his messages and as he puts the messages he receives together I in my head added them up (obviously knowing what I know about my personal life) and was shocked to how precise he was! He is very helpful and understanding and I would definitely use him again ! Thanks Michael Andrew !
Psychic – Sienna option 4742
I just had my first reading, I have never had one before.. I must admit I was very doubtful about someone being able to see what was coming for me but I must say that I am HUGELY surprised !! I couldn’t believe how on the mark she was. Sienna is an amazingly gifted lady and I am still shaking from what she told me, everything made sense and everything added up. She hit the nail on the head about my love life and without me having to saying anything picked up on the Libra love interest and gave me an amazing uplifting reading that has made me hugely excited and even more excited to ring back! I will be using her again! Sienna – you’ve got yourself a regular! L&L x
A very bright and shiney STAR!
Star has been a constant help and support over a long period of time. Star has always been honest and understanding with every wobble and dramatic moment i have asked her about. A few years ago i experienced a painful break up and STAR helped and supported me through this. After a few years of singledom…STAR told me straight up…you will be with someone in July and he will be your ONE. Low and behold JULY came and in walks ALEX out of the blue. 18 months later we are still together, moved in together after 6 months and its all perfect…as predicted. A couple of weeks ago i felt i wanted a little confirmation about everything and i knew who would be able to give me the honesty i required…I look forward to the answers that STAR gave me, as i know she definately wouldnt tell me something just because i wanted to hear that answer. If you want a reading STAR is the only person i would ever talk to. Love and Light x
Laura (32), WALES