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fab reading
Hi KarinaI had a lovely reading with you yesterday regarding a certain man and you picked up on my situation straight away you made me laugh especially when you said you feel like giving him a big kick lol!! Which is true as we had a row the night before lol! Even though I told you he was a leo you picked up on his birthday correctly and year of birth and his initial.. I know what I have to do now when he next comes forward thank god I am getting stronger each time with him, thanks for a great reading.Janet (Scorpio Star)

Janet (30), London
Thank you
Karina is absolutely lovely. She works so hard and I felt as though within the 20 minutes I had with her, she was really trying hard for me. I really appreciate how much she cared and understood. She kept me laughing and smiling throughout the whole phone call. And her skills as a psychic are exceptional. I wish her all the love and best wishes she definitely deserves, thank you. x
Anon (19), London
wonderful amazing karina
Hi karina well you are one that has been a strong shoulder helping guideing me these past years and even more recently. Can I also say a big thank you for my amazing live reading you did for me. please thank to crew and also thanks to the bosses for allowing free live reading. you are amazing the knowledge that you have regarding the psychic world which you have learnt and now pass on to others everytime you are on tv. it is a pleasure to watch and learn. I can get an understanding from you just by watching you answer other text or voice mails. you are indeed Karina Kapedia. I will let you know more on my developement and the love and the house etc as and when. but for now many many thanks dear friend it is a pleasure knowing when you are working and watching your knowledge overflow. A talented professional empathic wonderful lady I’m now glad to call friend . but you are more than a friend you are an inspiration to all that with the right people around you life can be so much nicer. love to you your adam and your mum . great big hugs and respect love light and blessings always Karina you have carried me when I was too tired to go on and for that upliftment and caring and generous of heart I send you and your family my love and gratitude. much love bernadette xxxxxxx
bernadette (53), kippax west yorkshire
If you are lucky enough to speak to Karina you will get the truth of a situation. So consistent and no matter what you say Karina won’t tell you anything just to “make it right”. If you don’t like honesty Karina isn’t the one for you. I love speaking to her. Thank you for the times you have lifted me and helped me move forwards, I also have to say Liz King works very similar to Karina, 🙂
Love and light
Mandy, UK
reading changed
The first reading I had with Karina I was blown away by her validations she told me things she couldnt possibly know or guess so I really believed her predictions would come true, after a few months I rang her again for a update again her validations were good but her predictions changed completly felt really upset by this. None of her predictions came truex
anon (33), cheshire
Life Love and Everything
Well Karina,After reading these testimonials I realised how lucky I was to get through to you for a live reading..I was originally trying to get hold of someone specific but decided at the last minute to speak to you..I know spirit and my angels were guiding me to chose you because you had things that I needed to hear as opposed to wanting to hear..These things were very positive and your accuracy regarding the peoples emotions (involved in the reading) and about their mannerisms and situations surrounding them past and present was warm comfort especially about the wonderful and sweet man I am getting to know.. being a Scorp in the 3rd decante..My success in love and partnership is paramount to my well being and drives me in all other ways so i shall be happy to open my heart, knowing my true self is appreciated and feelings reciprocated. Your wonderful insight into what is needed in order to make this love become a success is well recieved..I’m intuitive but still have size 10’s emotionally with men..lolThe advice about Hematite under the bed, black tourmaline, smokey Quartz for my 2 angelic little psychics was a great help and much needed to calm the frenetic energy down (rest for mummy: )
Rest.. REST..Maybe Not..ha ha..Looks like I really will accomplish my goals and dreams of my crystal shop and be able to teach others about the light and that is in the form of the angelic kingdom for me, I am excited but impatient to get the ball rolling and of course will after my move in the new year..all in all Karina, I loved your warmth, empathy and earthiness, thank you lovely, i shall be on your website tonight, to learn more about PLR and I think you have just sparked my creative flame regarding my love of our crystal companions..Cant have a business i’m not totally dotty about..

Even psychics need guidance sometimes when they cant see the wood for the trees..; )

i know we shall connect again in the future as the connection is strong and positive..

With much love and angelic hugs you lovely lady..

Anna xxx
Annabelle Chambers (38), Warwick

Blown awaaaaaaay!!
Karina thanks for my reading today! 09/12/11.I asked for a general as I wanted to test you without prompting and boy, did you pick up on what is happening around me OMG!!! you said the name of the gent I had in mind, his star sign as well …. wow wow wow!!People if you want instant validation then Karina is your best option!Thanks ever so much I will keep you posted xx
Si, London

I had another reading with Karina, what can I say other than she is the BEST! I was ever so down when I called her and she up lifted me made me made me feel better.Karina is ever so hard to get hold of, one thing what I really love about her she always has her website upto date. so you know when she will on be Psychic TV.Karina gave me another Predication for Jan 2012, I know this will come true as all her other predications have come to light.Karina youre the BEST.

Kam, Birmingham.
Kam , birmingham

Love you karina you’re the best
Sorry my mins finished didn’t get the chance to say bye and thanks.
You’re the best. I’ve been trying to get through to you for a while now. So glad I got through.
I hope your predication comes true. I know they will because all your other predications have come true within the time frame you gave me.
You have really helped me over the past 2 years.
Thank you so so so much.
Love you loads karina.
Kam, Birmingham xxxxxx

Kam (30)
A long overdue testimonial
The title says it all. I have watched the show regularly for a few years and Karina I have spoken to many times about many different issues. One reading she gave me I really couldn’t believe was true but she asked me to check my garden for an object and told me what it was and where. I did do what she asked me to do and yes it was there. Haven’t got a clue how. Karina I find to be warm, easy to talk to and that says a lot from a complicated Aquarian like me. I do make her laugh though. If anyone hasn’t had a reading with Karina then I would say pick up the phone. You won’t regret it. Karina sorry for taking so long for writing this testimonial. Me and my famous dogs are fine
Bev (52), Nottingham