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Hunky Ray tee heee heee
Dearest Raymond,Thank you for a beautiful reading you gave me when you were in the studio last week. You made so much sense and reassured me no end. You have this almost out of this world way about you that completely empathises with me and other viewers. You make me feel safe, worthy of (his) love and valued.

Raymond has to be one of the most caring psychics on Psychic Today. If you are looking for someone who feels what you feel ask him, because in my opinion you could not find better. xxxx
West Cork Lady (30), West Cork

Care Bear Raymondo Castro
One of the things I can say that I am very thankful for is the friend I have made through Psychic TV and that is none other than Raymond Castrogiovanni. He has read for me many many times and I am one of the lucky ones who I can call him a pal as well as an incredibly gifted psychic. He cares and without exception he gives his heart to everyone he reads for. I have spoken to him and from that I know he cares and is sincere and genuine.He won’t judge you and only wants to see his flock happy. He’s the psychic dad, and I hold him in utmost respect.

Love R xx
R (29), Cork

The King of Psychic TV
The title says it all! I have spoken to Raymond countless times and he is a great guy. A very old wise psychic owl who has helped me a lot. He will laugh when he reads my testimonial but it is true. Apart from his extensive psychic knowledge Raymond is genuine,modest and has a great sense of humour. Somehow or other you can’t help but like him. So yes Raymond is my favourite male TV psychic without a doubt. I think he knows that. So if you haven’t had a reading with him yet pick up the phone. You won’t regret it
Bev (52), Nottingham
Spot on Ray
has been spot on and very very accurate in his assessment of my situation. He has provided guidance and hope in times when I needed it. He has also provided a high vibrational energy. Thanks again.Charlene

Charlene (44), London

a bit diappointed
Had a reading with Raymond and he is a nice guy but u told me b4 the ending of july my ex would contact me and try to come back with me today is the 1st of August and still haven’t heard from him in 2mths.
k, trinidad
The cream of the crop
Raymond Castrogiovanni and John Healey are the BEST PSYCHICS on PTV. Forget the rest….. if you want a reading HAVE THE BEST in the business. Anne Scholes is tops too.
xWILDCATx (31), Ireland
A massive THANK YOU!
My reading with Ray was so insightful, it was beautiful. Totally in tune and a great positive rapport. He picked up on so many things without me introducing them, I was blown away.
I would highly recommend him and I will speak to him again…THANKS AGAIN xxx
Lisa (44), Cheshire
thank you the best
Thank you ray for the reading with you tuesday morning. Postive as always, you never change your outcome for me, just waiting for the day i will let you know when it happens. sorry i left it short money tight. but Ray will never leave you on the phones for long anyway.
L&L Darren
I had a private reading with Raymond in August as yet nothing has come true + times stated have started to pass. Lovely man to talk to though + did make me feel better at a time when i was quite low that in itself was worth the visit. Living in hope surely there’s got to be something in it?
Donna (36), Liverpool