The shows are fast paced, educational, totally addictive and give our home viewers easy access to predictions and psychic readings.

Psychic TV features celebrity clairvoyants, mediums and astrologers who regularly appear in the media. Amongst our renowned mediums is Anne Scholes who has been a regular feature on Psychic TV for over 5 years.

Anne is a warm, bubbly and is recognised for her compassion during her readings which helps to put people at ease. Anne developed her psychic abilities in the Spiritual Church and she now runs her own development circle to help other mediums on their way. Working with her Spirit Guides, Anne not only gives names, dates and personal information that only the individual client would know, she also describes people, houses and can relocate lost items and even animals!

Anne has appeared on Sky News, BBC ‘Test the Nation’, worked on many radio stations and appeared in numerous magazines. As a resident psychic on Century Radio, with over 1 million listeners, Anne has given readings to many celebrities including footballers, their wives, TV actors and actresses.

Psychic TV also features one of the most respected ‘spot-on’ psychics, Rosa Derriviere. With years of experience, clairvoyant, life coach and TV personality, Rosa is one of the original team members of Psychic TV. Known for her amazing accuracy and down-to-earth approach, Rosa’s popularity with the home viewers grows on her every appearance. Rosa comes from an Italian family of psychic healers and natural clairvoyants and it is her Italian ancestors who are her Spirit Guides.

Rosa teaches Tarot workshops and has studied Shiatsu Massage and other forms of healing; in the 1990s she created her own form of healing which was named ‘Power Healing’ which helps countless clients transform energy blocks on a deep spiritual soul level.

Rosa has featured in Soul & Spirit magazine, The Sunday Independent, Company Magazine, National newspapers and appeared on BBC ‘Test the Nation’, Channel 4’s ‘Ten Top ways to Contact the Dead’, BBC World Service and countless radio interviews. Rosa was the official Radio XFM psychic on Christian O’Connell’s Breakfast Show.

Psychic TV has scouted the country to bring you the very best psychics and given home viewers the chance to interact with them.